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Work with Eco Web Design to start a beautiful and functional design - the foundation for a restaurant's online success. Increase online visibility, traffic, and sales growth.

  • Attract online visitors with SEO-optimization and a commanding presence on search engines and local directories
  • Convert website visitors to loyal paying customers at your establishment

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Your restaurant website is designed to work correctly for your customers, no matter what device they use. With 60% of customers using mobile devices to access restaurants online, our designs and functionality optimized for the smoothest user experience.

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With recent Google updates, a fast loading website is a must for higher search rankings. Customers are googling for restaurants, cuisine, or food you offer. The site is the 'primary' online presence for the restaurant, and we assure it gets found! We perform keyword analysis and optimize your restaurant website to improve the online presence and visibility on search engines. We also make sure the critical connections made to Google, so there is no guesswork involved.

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Don't Make These Restaurant Website Mistakes

Nothing is more important and possibly more useful for marketing your restaurant than a quality website. Many factors go into producing valuable restaurant websites, some of them visible, but a few are not. We’ve recognized some problems we typically find with restaurant websites.

Not Having a Website

What is the biggest mistake? Too many restaurants use third-party listing sites or delivery services for their online presence. Would you have someone you’ve never met welcoming your customers as they entered your restaurant? Of course not. Your restaurant’s first impression is your website. Why would you let someone else manage that for you? It’s a missed chance to turn internet searchers into customers.

Producing your own website means you pick the best photos of your food and atmosphere and the messaging you send to the possible customer. It guarantees that you make the most favorable impression possible and improves your odds of getting people in the door.

No NAP and Hours

The whole purpose of your website is to get people to your tables. Delivering the most important information quickly available like your restaurant name, address, and phone number (NAP) is necessary on even the most basic site. Studies show that location and hours are two of the top three things people are looking for when they visit a restaurant’s website (the third is menu). We usually put this information in the footer of the site, so it shows up on all pages. Not only does it make it easier for consumers, it significantly helps with local search results.

Not Mobile-friendly

Many more users are on their phones right now. Many restaurants report close to 70% of their web traffic comes from mobile phones. Your website must be mobile-friendly (or ‘responsive’ in industry terms). A responsive website guarantees that browsers have an easy time navigating your site and locating the information they are seeking. NAP, hours, and menus should be easy to find and read no matter what device the browser is on. Google has started placing importance on mobile-friendly sites by penalizing non-responsive sites in search mobile-first indexing results.

PDF Menu

PDF menus are lousy practice. Period. They force website users to download the PDF menu before being able to see it. This requires extra time and is never optimized for the screen the user is looking at the menu on. It is particularly bad on mobile phones which require readers to expand particular areas of the PDF to try to read the menu. Pinching and zooming while trying slide around the screen. Remember, the whole goal of your website is to allow users to find the information they are looking for as efficiently as possible. PDF menus are similarly bad for SEO because most of the content in PDF files are not readable by search engines like Google.

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