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New local businesses need fast integration into search engines and citations to jump start their online presence. Luckily we have you covered. Experts in the local SEO we will teach you what you need to know about this important part of getting started. Don't wait for the web to find your business, Eco Web Design knows how to make this happen fast!

Using a website builder or Godaddy will leave lots of loose ends. Google continually raises the bar for how it ranks a website. Slow poorly structured sites like can hinder you from being on top.

We use very fast web hosting and Google's recommendations to get you a website that works and is well understood by search engines.

A clear & smart website gives a local business more credibility.

Existing businesses need a fast well-structured website that has Local SEO in mind. We'll not only get you the website you need but do a local SEO audit to see what needs to be done to bring you more exposure.

We offer a range of services and tools to get your local SEO to perfection. This will maximize your exposure to internet searches on all platforms. Mobile, Maps, Desktop and Image search on Google and Bing.

Spend time running your business and we'll take care of the website for you.

Why Local Businesses Choose Eco Web Design

Eco Web Design has dedicated hours of research and training on local business SEO along with website construction for new or existing companies. Doing this correctly and efficiently is our specialty. We also stay current in new trends and updates that will impact your business online. Using best practices and Google guidelines, we ensure a solid foundation is set, and you're ready to manage your online presence. Don't spend hours trying figuring out how to launch a new business online when you could be working on other essential aspects of your new business. There is a lot more to integrate a new or existing business online than meets the eye. Let Eco Web Design help you streamline this process.

Monitoring and managing your business online can be a hassle. Did you miss a review someone left about your business? Is there incorrect information about your business on another website that could negatively affect your potential customers from finding you? Are you ranking well in your local market for your business type or services? These are vital things that can be hard to track, but we got your back. Our local SEO Dashboard automates all this for you. Weekly reports on reviews, business information, and rankings emailed to your inbox.

A fast, mobile friendly, structurally correct site is essential for modern businesses. Using current techniques for proper markup is the future, according to Google and other experts. We incorporate this markup on your website to make sure you're not overlooked for your services. Local business schema, along with specific structured data for various types of pages, helps increase your chances of people finding your business.

We also provide an array of addons you can use for your business to maximize your user engagement. Calendars, photo galleries, restaurant food menus, complex forms for collecting information, catalogs systems, and much more.

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