Milwaukee Social Media Management

Social Media Services

Word of mouth goes a long way to generate new business and build a reputation in your community.  Thanks to the incredible force of social media, the potential to expand that community gives your company a chance to reach a global marketplace.  Eco Web Design will be your partner to ensure your place in that digital community.

When your company posts on any of the social media platforms, it affects your entire online presence.  Google and Bing uses those social signals to determine your search engine ranking and evaluate your site’s credibility.  The more data you have, the higher your ranking.

Not sure where to start? We assess your needs and budget, outline opportunities, and recommend a clear direction for long-term success.

After analysis and planning, Eco Web Design will determine what social media strategies will best serve your particular business needs.  We set up the accounts, brand profiles, images, timelines, etc., and implement on-site badges linking from websites and blogs to your social media accounts.

We provide full scope management each month. We monitor and track channel performance and provide you with input, feedback and content recommendations.

Blogging can increase your presence and visibility on line.  Companies that blog get 55% more traffic to their website.  So if you don’t have a blog, you should!

Already know what channels of social media you would like to use but need help navigating them? We work with you to ensure a high brand visibility and recommend best practices to promote your brand moving forward.

We’ll run a competitor analysis of business accounts in your industry, letting you know who among your competitors is using blogs, videos, and custom graphics and on what social platforms. We then recommend competitive actions to give you an edge.

Eco Web Design understands that social media marketing is vital to your company’s success.   We will keep your brand messaging consistent and clear.  Your identity will be relatable to customers.  We will deliver on our branding promise.