How to Enhance Different Design Elements Which Help in Improving Conversions on a Website?

If you want more conversions on your website and increase time visitors spend on your site then it will be necessary to pay attention to different design aspects present on your site and enhance them. Let us find out how to improve these design aspects which play a crucial role in better performance of your website and help in improving conversions.

Tips to Improve Call to Action (CTA) Buttons and Other Design Elements

CTA Button Design - Essential Details to be Examined

Aspect #1: Highlight the Button

Call to action buttons play the crucial role of directing visitors to take a specific action, which could be starting the purchase process or sending you an email.

It will become easier for your visitors to locate the CTA button when it is highlighted in right manner. For instance, if the main theme color of your website is yellow and the call-to-action button is also yellow colored then locating the button will become difficult.

To avoid such problem what you will have to do is choose any contrasting color so that your CTA button easily stands-out from other elements.

Aspect #2: CTA Button's Size

Button of right size will be clearly visible on a web page and in addition, it will be easier to click on it.

But, it will also be important to maintain the right size and avoid making the button too large, otherwise it will become a distraction on the page.

Aspect #3: Dimension and Color

Call to action buttons can have any color, size, or shape with no specific standard size that designers need to maintain. Selection of these features will primarily depend on web page's layout.

Aspect #4: Call To Action Button Copy

Apart from paying attention to design of the button, you need to focus on creating an attractive copy. As such, the copy should properly describe the action button will perform.

Other Design Aspects

Aspect #1: Encapsulation of Design Elements

Here, a container element can be utilized to highlight text, image, or any other type of CTA element present within container element and helps in drawing use's attention towards these elements.

For example, you can place “Get in Touch” form inside a container element. The benefit of such placement is that the contact us form will get a contrasting background, providing it good visibility on web page.

Aspect #2: Proper Utilization of Colors

Colors when used effectively can draw visitors into providing a response. Let us look at few examples which amply highlight this fact.

  • Orange is the color that is known to develop positive feelings in people and as such, it is considered right color for call to action buttons.
  • Another color which is commonly utilized on websites is blue color and you will find it being used for buttons such as the Click Here CTA button.

Apart from proper use of colors for CTA buttons, you will also have to focus on selection of right colors for your web site. For example, you should ideally select a single color and wherever required, utilize various shades of that same color.

Aspect #3: Implementation of Directional Cues

Arrows and other directional cues serve the purpose of guiding visitors and provide a navigational path so that they can move to next section during their purchase process, which could be the check out page or the get in touch with us form.

Aspect #4: Use of White Space

White space is an important design element for websites and when used judiciously, it helps in providing your website a clean and aesthetically appealing design.

You aim should be to add good amount of space around CTA buttons so that they have clear visibility compared to other elements present on a web page.

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