Fake Google Robocall and Other Scams

Are you getting calls from Google* or other robocalls?

If you have a phone, there’s a good chance you have been targeted by a robocall scam over the past couple years, and especially in 2016.

Once a business has established a good online presence the scammers come a calling. A plethora of various robocall scams are constantly barraging business owners. Especially local businesses who have a Google Business Listing. Day in and day out, robocalls are setup by crooks in an attempt to scam unsuspecting people. While most people have enough sense to hang up immediately, others listen to what the recording has to say.

After all, many times these scammers make it sound like they are calling from Google, or a financial institution, or maybe the IRS! And regrettably, the longer a person remains at the telephone, the more of a chance that an unsuspecting business owner will fall for the scam.

Starting in 2018 more and more of the calls come from a phone number that is in your area code or even using your prefix. Making it seem even more legitimate to the person answering the phone.

The sad reality is most robocalls if not all are some type of scam. If you are unsure of the validity of the call but are somehow interested ask the caller for the company name and phone number then do some research. Try calling the number they called you from and most likely it will be an out of service message.

Mail Scams

Scams are not limited to phone calls either. Some scams are sent using good old snail mail. Domain name scams or Yellow Page scams all get mailed and seem more legitimate in writing for some reason.

The best advice I can offer is if you need something, be it a loan, a service or anything for your business, seek it out and find a reputable company to provide it to you.

Feel free to contact me and ask about any web/business related offer you may of received.

Google Help on Scams

* Google does not call you for any reason unless you have requested a phone call from them. Google only charges for services you sign up for on their website. No third party company can charge you on behalf of Google. Phone calls from Google

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